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It's Time to Go GeoThermal

By utilizing the earths consistent, ambient temperature to heat and cool your home, you're increasing reliability and efficiency,  limiting utility payment, and championing the environment.

Why GeoThermal?

When constructing a new home or building, the decision on how to heat and cool the space may not be the most thrilling aspect of the process, but it plays a crucial role in ensuring comfort and managing ongoing operational costs.

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Better for the Environment

Opting for geothermal heating and cooling in a new home build or retrofit is a sound environmental decision that significantly contributes to conservation efforts and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike traditional heating and cooling systems that rely on fossil fuels, geothermal systems harness the earth's natural heat, which eliminates the need for natural gas, oil, or propane, and results in substantial energy savings. This method of heating and cooling does not emit carbon dioxide, thus playing a pivotal role in combating the greenhouse effect and global warming. With the equivalent environmental impact of planting 750 trees or removing two cars from the road, geothermal systems are a testament to the positive and lasting change individuals can make in preserving our planet for future generations.

Cost Cutting

Geothermal systems lead to significant cost savings. Geothermal exchange utilize the stable heat from the earth, eliminating the need for expensive, fee-laden, and price volatile fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, or propane. While the initial installation cost might be higher compared to traditional systems, homeowners quickly recoup this investment through the monthly energy savings that geothermal systems provide. In fact, the reduced operational costs and minimal maintenance requirements of geothermal systems make them a cost-effective and efficient alternative to conventional heating and cooling methods, ensuring homeowners enjoy a comfortable living environment without the burden of high energy bills. The system is also a replacement for both heating AND cooling simultaneously, an can also vastly increase domestic hot water efficiency/availability. With proper design, these geo-exchange systems present excellent value for cost.

Increased Home Value

Implementing a geothermal heating system significantly enhances the value of a home by making it more attractive to potential buyers who are looking for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly features. Geothermal systems are known for their efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, which translates to lower utility bills and less maintenance for homeowners. Additionally, these systems have a much longer lifespan compared to traditional heating and cooling methods, ensuring that the home remains comfortable and energy-efficient for years to come (some geothermal systems from the early 1970s remain in perfect operation today!). The addition of a geothermal heating system can also make the property eligible for various tax credits and incentives, further adding to its overall value. All of these factors combine to increase the home's market value, making it a smart investment for homeowners.

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Planning and Saving

The planning and installation of a geothermal heating system is a strategic investment towards significant energy savings and a sustainable living environment, particularly relevant in the Canadian climate. In Alberta, homeowners opting for geothermal units can tap into the province's specific incentives for adopting renewable energy solutions, aligning with Canada's broader initiatives for green homes. Unlike conventional heating systems, geothermal units utilize the stable temperatures of the earth's crust, delivering efficient climate control without reliance on costly fossil fuels, thus ensuring lower monthly utility bills. Over time, these savings can compensate for the system's initial installation costs. Additionally, homeowners can leverage federal tax credits and incentives, such as the Canada Greener Homes Grant, which aims to help Canadians make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes. With minimal maintenance requirements and a lifespan that far exceeds traditional heating systems, geothermal technology presents a financially and ecologically sound solution for long-term home climate control in the diverse Canadian climate.


How GeoThermal Works

In a closed ground loop geothermal system for residential homes, a series of pipes are buried underground in a loop configuration, through which a mixture of water and antifreeze circulates. This fluid absorbs the stable heat from the earth's crust and carries it back to the geothermal heat pump located inside the home. The heat pump then extracts the heat from the fluid, concentrates it, and distributes it throughout the home as warm air, or as heat for in-floor heating systems, or domestic hot-water.


In the cooling mode, the process is reversed: the heat pump extracts heat from the indoor air and transfers it to the fluid in the ground loop, where it is dissipated into the cooler earth, returning chilled fluid to provide air conditioning. This system capitalizes on the earth's consistent temperatures to provide efficient and sustainable heating and cooling for residential homes.

This system operates independently of outside temperature; from polar vortex to heat domes, and everything inbetween - geothermal has you covered.

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FREE Appraisal

We provide a free appraisal and consultation report of your home or business' unique requirements, along with product and funding education

System Design & Proposal

Our IGSHPA designers will outline multiple solutions and options to suit your project's needs, along with cost and size considerations

Installation & Permits

We look after all municipal district and area permitting, and an IGSHPA accredited installer will provide a turn-key geothermal installation solution.  


Once fit and finishing is complete, we activate the system and monitoring software to give you real-time access. 

Savings & Monitoring

Say goodbye to natural heating fuel price fluctuations, and hello to total system monitoring and control from any smart device.

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